Are you constantly touching things you're not supposed to like a certain kawaii green space baby we all know and love?

Perfect for those who can't seem to fight the force and keep their hands to themselves, this shirt will let others know how much of a handful you can be. Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and its unisex sizing are flattering on both Men and Women

Comes in 3 colors- White, Black, and Pastel Pink. And is also available in sizes Small up to 5XL.



Key features

✔ Unisex Cut

       Flattering for both Men and Women


✔ Cotton and Polyester

      Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and pre-shrunk fabric

Stop Touching Things Crew Neck Sweatshirt Kawaii Clothing

  • Because this item is made to order, there are no returns or refunds.